Saturday, September 27, 2008

Stay Away !

Ladies, stay away from high heels ! It is not what I am saying, it is what a survey in England is saying. Women who prefer high heels suffer from permanent problems, a British study said. According to the survey, many women, who wear these 'killer heels' had hurt themselves falling off from their high heels. The survey further stated that the knees and back could also be seriously affected due to these tight-fitting shoes. So what do you say ?


Gattina said...

No problem for me ! I never wore very high heels ! I am already tall enough, 1.72, and since I am not working anymore only flat shoes, lol !

YTSL said...

Totally agree that high heels are a killer! :b

Eppie said...

Oh No!I love high heels!

When it comes to looking stylish, nothing beats a gorgeous pair of high heels.

Here are some reasons for wearing high-heels- I copied it from

1.they change the angle of the foot with respect to the lower leg, which accentuates the appearance of calves

2. they change the wearer's posture, requiring a more upright carriage and altering the gait in what is considered a seductive fashion

3.they make the wearer appear taller

4.they make the legs appear longer

5.they make the foot appear smaller

6.they make the gluteal muscles more defined while wearing tight pants

7.they make the wearer look flexibly strong.

Sorry for the long comment buddy. :)A weeeeee bit sensitive is a good way to put it.

Kadri said...

Sure they are killers, but they are sexy. You have to suffer the pain to get the gain. I like to balance between the need to look sexy and the need to be comfortable.

Amrita said...

yes,this study has been done many a times...yet high heels are not going to be out of fashion...wearing the high heels restricts one's heel movement while walking...which creates problems in the joints later on..thats what i had read in some survey done few yrs back.

thank god i have a good height i dont have to wear them..
whenever there is a talk of high heels thought goes back to the sprite advertisement where the guy gets caught in a crwoded local train and a lady wearing high steps on his foot..reminds us of another of the dangerous sides of wearing high heels

Anonymous said...

women who are not used to wearing heels should refrain from strutting one esp if the occasion does not call for it. But yes, heels are a blessing to females esp to petite ones like me!

Plamena Markova said...

damn... i love this post! i must show this to my mom because she always says "plami, u should wear high heels like a real lady"... bla bla bla. nice, nice post!

Geraldo Maia said...

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Kudritskiss said...

I wear high heels, and I haven't got hurt yet, of course exept the pain you feel after wearing them all day long, for 8 hours and more... :-) I love flat shoes too.
For me it depend on my mood... sometimes I feel casual, and so I wear cozy flat, next day I want to look elegant, so I wear high heeled killers!
In general, I agree that wearing high too much may cause health problems.

Jules said...

Hm, interesting discussion :) I find the "falling off" part funny, I think some people fall off heels or no heels, it's all a matter of how well one can hold their balance, huh? ;) As for the knees and back problems, I think as long as you don't wear six-inch monsters every day, you should be ok. Most women wear "dangerously" high heels only on special occasions.

I used to hate heels in my late teens and early 20s, but then closer to mid-20s I felt that desire to be a bit more feminine, decided to give them a try, and loved them. They make me feel sexy and when you have that feeling inside of you, it sort of radiates, people around you feel it too. But I love flats as well. I think it's good to switch them up, to keep your back and knees healthy, if nothing else ;)

Jules said...

oh and eppie, I was trying to beat your post length, but I think you still win. No, I'm kidding, seems I just have a lot to say when it comes to heels :D I agree with every single point you made. Yay for high heels.

Nikki said...

hmmm heels make me tired. But i do wear them or occassions or something.