Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Killer Wheels+Streams.....

In Delhi, I call all kind of four wheelers (especially cars) as vampires and blue line buses as demons. Sounds strange, but true. But I will not write about demons because much has been written about them. I will write only about vampires. Just watch them closely and you will know whether I am right. They (Drivers) don't drive; they simply fly like birds, without realising that roads are not only meant for them but for also pedestrians. And who are the drivers? The so-called educated. As such, they are the only one in hurry to reach at their homes or to meet their deadlines. They don't look how others are riding on road. And what about honking? Hey god, save us from them! If you try to persuade them, they will scold you in typical Delhi languages. So is there any solution to the problem? Only god knows! Like others, I will not blame CM Shila Dixit. Now I want to divert this topic to something else. I see everyday small streams. Do you? If you want to see them, simple go to the so-called posh areas such as Greater Kailash, Vasant Vihar, Vsanat Kunj, Lodhi Estate etc..... And there you will find a number of streams. Car drivers wash their vehicles in such a way that Delhi is situated close to an ocean. Water, water, water and than a small stream. Is this the way to clean the vehicles? It is well known to everyone that water problem in the capital is increasing. But who cares? One day I asked a driver about misuse of water and he admitted about it. But he explained that it was his duty, otherwise he might lose his job. Oooofffff…..

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Here are some movies which you must watch before your departure from earth for Heaven or Hell

1) The Dreamers
2) Heat
3) Jenifer Eight
4) Glory
5) One Flew over the Cuckoo's Nest
6) One hour photo
7) The quick and the dead
8) Kill Bill- 1 & 2
9) Cast Away
10) 2046
11) Imagining Argentina
12) My left foot
13) I am sam

Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Darfur is burning
But Hilaray Clinton and Barak Obama are busy in collecting funds to get the top post of the US

Seals are being killed in Canada
But who cares?

Thousands of trees are being destroyed all over the world
But there is only one Wangari Maathai

Global temperature is rising beyond expectation
But people (including me) are ashamed of riding on a bicycle.

Marliyn Monroe is no more
But, still actresses are trying to emulate her.

Bernardo Bertolucci made The Dreamers and Last Tango in Paris in the name of art
But people called him a pimp and a gangster.

Social sites were created to connect old friends
But they are being misused in the name of freedom and liberty

Violence is spreading its tentacles in a rapid manner
But where is Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi?

Ladies spend loads of money to enhance their beauty
But are they necessary?

People spend more time in coffee shops and bars
But no time to visit libraries.

News channels have become source of entertainment
But BBC is exceptional.

Child trafficking is on rise
But do we really care?

Machines have made humans handicapped
But can't we live a normal life without their support?

Paris Hilton and Lindsey lohan are taking off their clothes
But for no reason.

We spend much of time in criticising others
But have we ever criticised ourselves?

Reality shows are wooing younger generation
But why we always think about paper notes?

Finally, can we survive?