Sunday, July 6, 2008

Why I Always Dream About "The Dreamers" ?

Some consider it is a soft-porn flick, while others feel it is a pure erotic, but for me it is a plain movie. It is a movie about teenage romance, passion, obsession, innocence and pure love. I don't know those who have seen this British/French drama film directed by Bernardo Bertolucci will agree with me or not. Many feel that this movie could have been made better. Even I agree, but perhaps Bertolucci wanted to make this movie in his own way, ignoring the main theme of the movie '1968 student rebellions'. The Academy Award winning film director, who always emphasised two main themes in his movies - politics and women - admitted during an interview with BBC that the film has everything - cinema, eroticism, politics and rock 'n' roll. Certainly, 'The Dreamers' is not a masterpiece of Bertolucci, but for me it is a modern classic. According to many critics, the end results are disappointing. Why? Perhaps the director knows it better than us. The movie is certainly not for everyone. It is for those who understand Bertolucci's passion for cinema. When I recommended this movie to some of my friends, the response was somehow negative. They claimed that Bertolucci failed to explain the climax and concentrated heavily on the extreme intimacy between the three main characters in the movie. The New Yorker said it, " Pure Bertiloci", while The Guardian described it - "Sends Shivers Of Erotic Frission Of Up The Spine," whereas The Evening Standard said," A Swooning Love Letter To Paris, To Cinema And To Love". According to The Daily Telegraph - "A Masterpiece With Controversy Stamped All Over It." And I said - The Dreamers Is Not To Be Missed.


Gooner said...

The Dreamers is an excellent movie without an iota of doubt. Pure Bertolucci. However, I felt that it could have been better. The three characters live in a world of their own which is pure and innocent. They shutout the outside world. But with a backdrop of 1968 student rebellions, i feel that more could have been done about the emotional turmoil that they feel in a tug of war between their make believe world and the harsh reality of the Parisian streets. The conflict, the emotions, the tensions could have been highlighted more. But anyhow, this is an excellent movie which i would recommend to everybody.

Living White said...

Thanks for your comment in my blog:) Nice seeing that even people from India step by

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