Thursday, July 31, 2008

And My Vote Goes To…..

Not Heath Ledger, Not Christian Bale. Neither Michael Caine nor Morgan Freeman. My vote goes to simply The Dark Night. I am not a huge fan of fantasy or sci-fi cinema. That's why I never watched a single movie of this genre, but this time I went to theatre to watch The Dark Night. And I was amazed to see the powerful performance by Ledger and Bale. And it is difficult to say who is the best. As a villain, Ledger certainly deserves an Oscar and as a hero, Bale's performance was up to the mark. But the question is what forced me to hit the theatre? Is it friends' recommendation or critics' overwhelming positive response or is it a desire to see Ledger for the last time on the screen? I confess that all these factors influenced me to see the movie.

But what is its uniqueness? Many things. One most important thing is sacrifice. Amidst heavy corrupted system, there are certain people who don't want to change their principles. And we should admire these people. We believe that the sole purpose of cinema is to get pure entertainment, but I don't agree with that. There is gruesome violence, but peace was there in a hidden format. And just you have to feel it. Villain was there to destroy everything, but hero was there to save everything. A must watch for not only batman fans but for those who want to appreciate movies with dark theme.


Anoil said...

I like sci-fi but wud rather watch a hindi film than batman... but i am happy i did.... Not in too many words but i wud like to just add one thing to ur blog... after watching the film i hated joker much more than i cud hate ashutosh rana in dushman. This proves that the joker infact played his part too convincingly and brilliantly and by the time i was out of the theater i had one question. what did batman attain by the end of everything. he was like a revolutionary who sacrificed and in the end was left empty handed. He lost his love, his devoted employee, lost the love of the gotham people and also the only person who could replace batman in his quest to fight evil. through this fictional narration, the director and the writer did present the current global situation where the good no doubt prevails over bad at what cost. in the end batman did come out as a loser and the joker was a hero who accomplished his mission and died. May b my reasoning is absurd but thats how i felt as i left cursing the joker in every possible language.

ayniharflerlefarklicumleler said...

i really like this one . when i say it , i wasnt feeling good , but then i asked to myself joker's question . why are you so serious ? and i didnt have any answer , and began to smile :)

Why are you so serious ? even the life is kidding with you ?

ps. yes somebody is reading your blog ! ;)

Gooner said...

Joker. The way the character has been portrayed by Ledger is awe inspiring. With his 'do evil without any cause' mentality..yet showing his vulnerability at times...and he was right when he told batman that you and I are alike...

You may hate this guy..but you can't deny that Ledger's Joker has made a place somewhere in your heart. What a legend!