Sunday, November 30, 2008

Next ?

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It could be Istanbul
It could be Kolkata
It could be Bangalore
It could be New York
It could be Beirut
It could be Sofia
It could be Belgrade
It could be London
It could be Bucharest
It could be Hamburg
It could be Berlin
It could be Rome
It could be Lisbon.... And the list goes on.

They could do anything in this world, just in the name of religion and god. They are more lethal than AIDS. The attack on Mumbai showed that no body is safe in this world, but our politicians are safe. Have you ever heard that a politician was killed by a terrorist? Rare. Those who suffer most are common people and their beloved. The situation has become so worst that we have become only mute spectators. We can just throw our opinions. Don't know what to do. Just wait for few days and you will see another attack. It is not a prediction. I am damn sure because these terrorists could do anything at any time. How can you stop a person who is ready to die? Can you change his mindset ? Probably not.


pramode said...

The modus operandi, the determination, the strength, the ruthlessness and the long pitched professional battle the terrorists waged against well trained commandos, these all make me think that ISI has carried out the operation. The LeT has been raised by the ISI with the sole objective of fighting against India. Pakistan is fighting against al Qaeda and Jaise e Muhammad, not against LeT. In a sheer cunning way Pakistan is fighting against one set of terrorists and supporting, aiding and abetting another set. Secondly, ISI is not under the control of the government, it has toppled the government of Benazir Bhutto in past when she tried to clip its wings. So, time has come that India should do something to tackle the ISI. It should learn lessons from Israel, though I still support Palestinian cause.

It has also exposed weaknesses of India, poor intelligence, lack of co-ordination and callous inefficient and criminal administration. If these issues are not addressed, ISI will send another gang of terrorists.

Devika said...

Hi Deepak!

First time here...A thoughful post...

"How can you stop a person who is ready to die? Can you change his mindset ? Probably not."

i am slightly against it...I think we could give it a try...

by facing it with the readiness to die...and Changing mindset...possible, with the handle of first it could be even an acting out...

but slowly real love will bloom in human hearts -- any ruffian would change...

my thoughts work that way :)


Nice blog..will visit again.

fatoori said... is all-conquering, indeed.
2.there is also a need to understand and do something about the reasons behind such acts of terrorism.
3.India is not an anti-Islamic state and so the arguments forwarded by terrorists of doing things like these to protect Islam are bullshit.
4.however, we must also understand that all major evils plaguing our world today are historical problems. solutions can not be found overnight.that will take many years.more such attacks will take place.immediate need is to be ready to foil such plans.
5.tough action must be taken against entities providing any kind of support to terrorists and encouraging them.

Plamena Markova said...

I ask myself the same things.

And I have no answer...

Amrita said...
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Amrita said...

its a thought that is going thru evryone's mind....but we have not got a solution to the problem of terrorism yet...

in my opinion the first step would be to ban the word..islamic terror...terrorists are anti-humanity element and should be dealt accordingly.. and no one should be talking about the cycle of violence..for now at least..while coming up with any solution

p.s..hey thanks for the comments on my blog

Martin in Bulgaria said...

We should all move out of towns and cities go back to basics and start farming again, that would solve the problem. No power no problem.

R. Ramesh said...

More than the deadly attack itself i am shocked by the dead reaction of the leaders themselves..anway..dont like to dwell on this in detail..but i know mumbai too well. i keep one can dilute the spirit of mumbaikars..and that's it..

magiceye said...

sad but maybe true..

Chuck Pefley said...

So true ... and so sad. Looking at history this tale is repeated over and over.

Lakshmi said...

Its been on everyones minds for the last few days..and u are right..has there been any politician killed by a terrorists ? Unfortunately no

Tanweer said...

The attacks on Mumbai clearly highlighted ceratin once again proved that Terrorists have no once gain I would request all the people across d world not to brand it as Islamist terrorism..look at the lists of people who were killed in the Mumbai mayhem..45 of them were Muslims..i guess it wud prove my d second thing which everyone is crying about..attack Pakistan..i am dead sure it wopuld not solve d problem..let me give u an Qaeda aatcked the US and US aatcked Afghanistan to wipe out the terrorists..Bush was seen as the saviour at that time..but nw tell me has he succeeded..why the Americans rempved him from the d to Pakistan in strong terms..arm our police and commandos with modern weapons...improve intelligence across the border..both land and sea..instill confidence in the mind of the common people that the government is thr to help dear friens no political party in our country is willing to tackle this problem head on bacause they lack d will to sdo its d duty of common man to raise awareness and force the government to take stringent measures.."Na Samjhoge To Mit Jaoge Ae Hindustan Waalo...Tumhari Dasstaan bhi na hogi Dastaaano mei.." thats it..Thanks..

Nikki said...

I agree with R Ramesh. It is such a pathetic situation. I knew some people who passed away in these attacks. It is quite surreal.

All politicians should be sacked. Also everytime there is an attack or a blast the government claims to give 5 lakhs which course the people never receive. I have a question here. If they have so much money to give each and every person who died, instead they should use to acquire better arms and other requirements for our police force.
It is sad that we lost three good officers and many others.

I feel lost.

JM said...

I think Devika said it all: "How can you stop a person who is ready to die?''
Unfortunatelly, and I'm really sad when I say this, I do not believe this will have a end, ever! This is a nightmare we have to live with...

Kadri said...

Terror is a tool used by the weak, they don't have the power to get what they want so they turn to terror since the fear that the terror creates gives them the power that they are looking for. Weak people are easily influenced and I do think it's possible to remove the "brainwash" that they are under and reprogram them into seeing how stupid they have been acting. The thing is that people prefer to kill terrorists rather than wasting a lot of time on removing the "brainwash". Why show compassion for the killers?

Another thing that bothers me is how eager people are to blame another country for the terrorists. Instead of blaming the terrorists people turn the guilt over on a country full with innocent people. Sure, the terrorist might come from that country but it's wrong to blame a whole nation for what a few idiots do.

Very few nations in this world want to be connected to terrorists and if we really want to do something then we should cooperate with the nations accused and help them find the terrorists and get rid of them. Cooperation will, in my opinion, last for longer and be more effective than attacking other nations because some terrorists happens to have lived there.

Vidya said...

ummm.. yes. politicians have been killed by terrorists.. forgot Rajiv Gandhi??

Sapna Sapien said...

ok i just read the 1st few lines and let me just say this. We, in fact the whole of india the whole of the world thinks these terrorists kill "in the name of Allah".....thts bullcrap.

Where there are issues unsorted, people done wrong, injustice still lingering....terrorism is there.

Our media shows them as jihadis....they show"in the name of allah"....they NEVER NEVER show what is the issue they are fighting for. Never show the full content do they? no.

I'm in noway trying to justify their acts of murder. But you know what? their issues will never be heeded by our selfish greedy impotent govt. so they will continue giving their wake up calls...until our govt wakes up. Its not them, its our own govt encouraging our murder.

People die EVERYDAY in kashmir....any news on media? NO....GUJRAT RIOTS....Aany arrests? any actions? NO....bABRI mASJID DESTROYED...wasn't it a part of our old ancient architectural heritage? any actions taken? NO...

Well face it ppl...this is minority in India....they r done wrong killed and then just made to live wid burning hearts and souls....widout any hopes of justice to them. Until Indian govt gets straightened nothing is going to change and terrorism is going to continue.

Infact our govt is nothing less than terrorists themselves....they kill everyday in Kashmir....and east india.
Women in east india got so hopeless wid everyday rapes by the indian army they carried out a NAKED rally. This is what our army does on a daily basis. Women in Kashmir carry a dagger with them in case if they r faced with a rape. Does media show this? nops.....

All i'd say is if we our use to such a govt then might as well get use to the consequences.

Mike said...

First visit for me, so hello. The picture and the post speak volumes of the situation we find ourselves in today.
However there is hope, because unless I am mistaken the image is from Belfast NI. After many years of terrorism the bullet and bomb have gone and peace has returned to this beautiful province of the UK.

Perhaps the politicians on the sub-Continent need to work a little harder and cut the rhetoric?