Thursday, June 5, 2008

Some Tips To Protect Our Environment

1) Knock the doors of every house and show them the "An Inconvenient truth."

2) Convince each and every member of a family what to do and what not to do to save our environment.

3) Show the real picture of today's earth to the government.

4) Build leaders like Al Gore and Wangari Maathai.

5) Involve celebrities because they can influence the public quickly.

6) Drive your vehicle when you really need it.

7) Contribute or support organizations like Greenpeace.

8) Do not harm your earth because it is our mother.

9) Do organize public debate over protection of environment.

10) Finally, do something for our environment seriously.


msg said...

My english is very,very,poor,but from what I undesrstood,I,again,agree completely with your ideas about the environmemt. You is young yet,but you is also a journalist,and this give you a more mature vision of the reality. Congratulations.

ॐ☺*'clєisє мαяα´*☺ॐ said...

Hello! I thank the visit and the praise... and you can use the "google translate" to translate de text... ok?? bye...