Saturday, June 28, 2008

Oh Men !

Heath Ledger

He is no more, but his memory still haunts me. A damn handsome guy.

Josh Hartnet

Somehow, he has got a very stylised and flamboyant look.

Mathew Macognhey

He is no more a bachelor and his toned figure make evrey man jealous. How can I get a sexy toned figure like him ?

Colin Farrell

A good-looking guy, who possesses every quality to trap a woman.

Daniel Craig

What A Hunk !

Clive Owen

He was supposed to play the lead role in 'Casino Royale,' but replaced by Craig. Nonetheless, I still consider him 'James Bond'.

Brandon James Routh

Certainly a superman

Jude Law

His red lips make many women crazy !

Orlando Bloom

Young and blooming!

Andy Garcia

I don't know what others think about him, but for me, he is a truly gorgeous man.


Antonio Banderas

Enough has been written about this guy. Still, it is not enough to describe his eternal beauty.


magda said...

Thank you for your commentary to the photo though is not mine. It is a pity you do not understand the language. Greetings. (Saludos)

"Oh Men" ¡Beautiful photos!

Rafael Srur said...

Can I have Josh Hartnett now, please! LOL

Tanweer said...

I liked the list..but some names are missing..i guess u wud have increased the list to atleast 15...

Mara said...

Antonio Banderas gets my vote :-)

and where's Johnny Depp ?


Buttercup said...

Omg you made me go crazy lol nice album :)))))

Solène L. said...

I fall in love with Brandon James Routh !! And i'm still in love with Jude Law ! <3